Buying Guide to Pressure Washers

Those who make their daily bread in what is considered as dirty industries need the best piece of equipment that can clean the mess behind. Those in the marine or fishing industry, for instance, require high-pressure machines that can maintain the cleanliness of the boat. Those working in industrial warehouses also need durable machinery capable of scrubbing in places with high traffic. Other areas where cleaning might be problematic are rooftops, walkways, or buildings. All you need now is a pressure washer.

The next thing to consider is what type of pressure washer works best for your situation. There are pressure washers that run on gas while others on electricity. The machines have different PSIs too. Read this write-up before you seek to find the best power washer to obtain useful information.

Electric or Gas Washers: Which One to Choose

Both electric and gas-powered washers are highly effective in the workplaces. Here are few pointers that might be helpful when arriving at a decision.

Most electric units are used when the machine is put in place. Electronic units function more silently. It also requires less maintenance. This sets them as the best devices for car dealerships, food production, and any other equipment requiring cleaning. Equipment that needs cleaning is taken to a central location where dedicated circuits run pressure washers.

The small pressure washers run on 120 Volts while the large versions run on over 230 volts. If you are unable to get your hands on the 230-volt washer yet you require more power; you can use the gas engine. It provides greater portability. When looking for flexibility, the gas washers are what you need. It is important to note though that those with electric washers must set up their operation near an outlet to use these washers. Choose a suitable Gallons per Minute (GPM) or PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

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Both pressure and volume are fundamental when buying a washer. Seek expert advice to ensure you get the right GPM and PSI combination suited to deliver on your needs. The pressure delivered on low volume is insufficient. Volume is required to back up this pressure. Pressure delivers penetration while volume removes dirt giving you the speed you need. On large surfaces, the volume is essential. Your pressure must be strong enough to remove the surface dirt. The volume must be wide enough to cover a significant area.


To ensure your pressure washer lasts long, take time to learn how to use it well. Begin by understanding the safety aspect. This involves having the right safety gear. When cleaning, have protective eye gear. Those with louder models can buffer their ears. Other gear that might come in handy is rainwear or gloves.

The cleaning distance that is suitable is 6 to 12 inches. You can point the pressure washer far from yourself. If you point a strong stream of clean water to a passerby, it can result in serious injury.