Top Reasons to Design a Custom Rug for Your Home

Homes have rooms of different sizes. That is something that most rug manufacturers do not seem to take into account. Nearly all carpets come in rectangular shapes and with standard sizes. That makes it a bit challenging for anyone with a home that has oddly shaped rooms to get custom rugs for your home. In such cases, customizing rugs would be an effective solution. With customization, you get to decide the shape, color, and size of the carpet that you want. Below are more detailed explanations of why you should design a custom rug as opposed to choosing the mass-produced rugs.sisal rug

You Need the Rug to Cover Wall to Wall

Unless the size of rooms in your home have the exact same dimensions as the standard measurements of carpets, you will have to get a customized rug to be able to cover the floor from wall to wall. Covering the entire floor space is an excellent idea if you wish to protect the hardwood floor, especially in rooms or areas where there is a lot of traffic such as hallways. There are cases where you may need to cover a given percentage of the floor with rugs as part of complying with the lease agreement.

The Fireplace Juts Out

In most homes, the fireplace usually has a hearth expanding out a few feet from the walls. The design makes the area around the fireplace quite inviting and cozy. However, it makes it quite challenging to find a rug that can work around the hearth. The regular rectangular or square rugs may leave a lot of space near the walls and look quite strange. Designing a custom rug that fits the measurement of the room and takes into account the hearth is the only perfect relaxing on a rug

The Room Is Very Small or Very Large

A large rug in a tiny room or a small rug in a huge room looks awkwardly ridiculous. That is what most standard rugs usually end up looking like in homes. Designing your home interior around the standard carpets becomes a much more difficult task, as you have to figure out how to cover the empty spaces. A customized rug can fill up the floor space quite nicely, without being overwhelming. You do not have to worry about the floor space that you are leaving uncovered when doing the interior design for your home, as the custom-designed rug will fit either way.