Which Is The Best Size For You?


Purchasing a brand new mattress can sometimes mean grabbing a new size. Be keen not to purchase a mattress that cannot meet your needs, yes it might save you some dollars at the time of purchase but pay for it later when the mattress turns out small. Ensure that there is enough sleeping space for you and your partner and more so if any of you move a lot at night.

Mattress sizes

  • bedTwin (76”* 80”). A twin mattress is useful when one wants to save on space mostly in a guest or child’s bedroom where living or playing space need to be maximized. They are suitable for very small babies but growing or much older kids need a bigger size.
  • Twin XL (39”*80”). Twin XL size is mostly found in dormitories or rooms where space is an issue. Like twin mattress, they greatly save on space but provide a longer length for grown-ups. Two twin XL mattresses form a king size when brought together, this way they can be adaptable to changing sleeping positions, making them suitable for a guest bedroom.
  • Full (54”*75”). Also referred to as a double. A full mattress is enough for a single person but not enough for two adults. The mattress can be short for tall people as it is only 75 inches long. They are suitable for young adults and growing children.
  • Full XL (54”*80”). A full XL is 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. Its width equals that of a full mattress but 5inches longer. They are enough for tall persons and mostly suitable for one person, not a couple.
  • Queen (60”*80”). A queen mattress allows two grown up sleep comfortably without taking up much space as the king size. For individuals who prefer lots of space when sleeping alone, queen size is good for them. The mattress has the smallest width of 60 inches but longer than full and twin.
  • King (76”*80”). King size mattress takes much more space, but it is the best for couples. It is equal to two twin XL hence giving each person enough sleeping space. It is also suitable for parents who want their babies share beds.
  • bedCalifornia King (72”*84”). Some tall individuals always have their toes hanging off the mattress end, get a California king size mattress and your problem will be permanently solved. The mattress is 4 inches longer and narrower than king size.

Once you settle on what size of mattress is enough and comfortable for you, then go ahead and get a new mattress. Note that the real mattress might be an inch shorter or narrower the above dimensions as all manufactures operate on a 1” tolerance.