The Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds, which are also referred to as window treatments are installed for many purposes. They are either installed to aid in the insulation of a house, provide privacy and light control. And along with that, they contribute to the aesthetic beauty to your home.

There are many types of blinds according to raw materials used to choose from. From natural wood, faux wood to vinyl or PVC, each has its own superior and unique qualities over the other types. Faux wood blinds which are either composed of composite wood materials and PVC or vinyl material is one of the more popular window treatment these days.

Faux wood means artificial wood. It is designed to look like wood and has these following advantages over the other blinds.

Highly Resistant to Humidity

faux wood blindsLiving in a humid environment should be a top consideration for choosing your blinds. Places near the equator and large bodies of water are more humid than those places located inland and further away from the equator. Because of its high resistance to humidity, faux wood blinds are advisable in these places.

It is also wiser to be installing one type of blinds in your home for uniformity. With the kitchen and bathroom as very humid places in your home, choosing faux wood for the rest of your windows will be advantageous.

Natural Characteristics of Wood

Faux wood mimics the natural look of wooden blinds and thus can also signify class and sophistication. And just like wood, it is durable and can also be heavier. It is safer to have faux blinds when you have young children in your home. Because they are sturdier and heavier, they are well-installed and can withstand some stress afflicted by playful children.

Environmental Impact

faux wood blindsBy using faux wood instead of real wood, you are helping the environment. More trees will be saved when homes use faux blinds rather than natural wood. With faux wood mimicking the appearance of real wood, the aesthetic beauty and the natural appeal we are looking for in wood blinds can be provided for by faux wood blinds.

It is also more convenient to look for faux wood blinds around stores. Wood blinds have now become rarer because of the growing popularity of faux wood.

Easier to Acquire and Maintain

Faux wood blinds are one of the more economical and inexpensive blinds in the market. They are almost in every store that sells blinds so you will not go far and wide to look for the faux wood blind that will complement your home. With various uncomplicated designs of faux wood, you can easily find that matches your preference.

It is easier to clean faux wood than the other types of blinds. They are more stable than widely used vinyl Venetian blinds and does not readily accumulate dust and molds like wood so cleaning may not be difficult and laborious.