Best Proven Ways to Get Rid of Rats


There are several proven ways of getting rid of rats that invade your home. Some of the conventional techniques employed involve electrocuting, repelling and trapping. Most scientists focus on the four main rat control measures: trapping, exclusion, poisoning and modification of the habitat. The best way to get rid of an existing rat problem is through trapping or poisoning. Alternatively, the long-term prevention technique is exclusion. This article will offer guidance on how to get rid of rats in your house and yard.

Practical Ways of Getting Rid of Rat Infestations

The best way to keep roof rat infestations out we can use trapping, exclusion, poison bait or trapping. When using traps and poisonous baits on your existing rat roofs, we are guaranteed of effective, long-term control on rat infestations. Here are some of the five ways of getting rid of your rat problem.

Poisonous Baits

Poisonous can always be a way of getting rid of rodents since the olden days. During their roaming, they will come across a delicious piece of caramel or any other food material. The poisonous chemical is set in certain bait stations as they can easily be mistaken for candy. In instinct, the rodent will chew through without knowing the food is heavily contaminated with lethal poison. The best rat poisons work fast with dead victims popping up within a few days.

Spraying Natural Repellents

yard infested with ratsThe spraying is done along the perimeter of the home. This can also be done in a limited manner on the yard. However, the spray paint can be exposed to the outside elements which will dilute its potency. Experts at Drake Lawn & Pest Control, a leading rodent removal Orlando service provider, these repellants work under the principles of inducing fear, producing an adverse odor or adverse tastes. Their placement will require a systematic approach otherwise their effectiveness will not last too long.


Another smart way to eradicate your rat problem is through the use of technology. Electrical shocks can be very useful. All it requires is setting up electric shock traps. These devices are set to lethal voltage levels that kill the rat immediately on contact. The traps have a 100 percent effective rate. You can use the live-catch trap if you are sympathetic to the plight of captured animals such as raccoons. Once trapped, you can have it released somewhere far off.

Ultrasonic Repellents

You can never go wrong when using ultrasonic repellents. These sophisticated devices are electronically powered and irritate the rat. As a result, areas fitted with such devices are not frequented by rodents. The upside on the use of repellants on your lawn, is they do not pose a safety concern when it comes to the health of your pets or kids.


Another biological approach will be planting vegetation that arouses allergies or irritation in rats. Such techniques are not only environmentally friendly but can help maintain green vegetation covering in your backyard.

The chemicals used in rat poisoning can be used outside with ease. However, you must take great care when using them inside the home. Conduct your due diligence before purchasing so that you only acquire the most effective rat eradication formula that fits your situation.


Effective Ways Of Eliminating Rodents

Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your property. If you are not keen to deal with them as soon as they start attacking your home, they may contribute immensely to you becoming poor. Can you imagine you wake up one morning only to find your only suit turned into tatters? That will be very disturbing.

One of the shocking fact about rodents that most people seem not to know about is that rodents carry some diseases that are harmful to human beings. So with this in mind, no one will delay in making sure that these particular pests are eliminated. This article provides you some professional methods that you can use to control rodents.


Rodent Prevention is better than cure. The best step that you should take to control the infestation of rodents. The most pest control company provides critical information on their websites on how to prevent rodents from infesting your residents. Some of those ways that you can use to prevent rodents are ensuring that covering all holes around your place. This is because love hiding in holes. Also, you should remember that rodents are good climbers and therefore tree branches should be away from your house. Ensure that all flowers around the house are trimmed on a regular basis.

Rodent traps

There are many types of rodent traps that you can use to eliminate rodents from your home. Some of those include bait traps. The electric trap can also be very effective in helping you to do away with rats and mice. This method is effective when you are sure that the number of the pest infesting your home is very small.


Rodenticides can also be used to eliminate the losses that might be brought about by rodents. These are chemicals that have been proved to be very effective in killing of rodents. One thing that you should understand about the use of chemicals is that they will be effective if you have a small number of infestation. If you have young kids or you are expectant, the use of rodenticide is not recommendable.

Professional pest control companies

Rodent eating After trying are techniques at your disposal in vain, the alternative will be going for a pest control company. Also if you are dealing with large and persistent rodents, the only effective way will be hiring the experts. A good pest control will do a survey before coming up with proper techniques of eliminating the menace.